Farmers can get live feed updates on how their crops are growing

app to get live feed updates about your crops
app to get live feed updates about your crops

Climate Corporation is a company that can offer live feed updates to farmers, telling them in real time how their crops are growing, according to this CNNMoney update. The company offers “digital agriculture” tools to provide live feed updates the way Facebook does. Just imagine, on Facebook, instead of getting updates from your friends about them celebrating birthdays or having breakfast at a particular restaurant, you get updates about what is the condition of your barley field and how healthy are your corns.

Farmers, especially in less developed countries, often have to depend on unpredictable circumstances when growing their crops. The weather may suddenly change, the humidity conditions may vary, even the soil may go through chemical changes that are not easily detectable. Only when the crops fail farmers realise that something catastrophic has happened and they didn’t even know about it so that they could have intervened in time. In many cases you cannot do much about environmental changes, but you can always use the information to make your plans accordingly.

Climate Corporation provides an app that you can install on your mobile phone or tablet. The app is called FieldView. It uses the company’s data to give farmers notifications for things like how much precipitation has occurred over the past 24 hours. The app also tells farmers when nutrients should be added to the soil. It also provides real-time data on weather conditions and whether a particular crop is going to do well or not in the prevalent weather conditions.

The technology uses drones to create red and green spotted maps of the crop fields to tell exactly where the crops are healthy (green) and where they are unhealthy (red). This way, if you are a farmer, you can prioritise areas that need more attention. The maps can scale according to the size and number of fields you have.

Ironically, Climate Corporation is owned by Monsanto that is often accused of wreaking havoc with farmlands and agricultural lands with their genetically modified crop strains.

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