Facebook will force you to install its Messenger app for mobile chat

Facebook messenger app
Facebook messenger app

This is applicable only if you are a Facebook app user on your mobile phone (which I’m not because I’m not very crazy about using Facebook all the time), you will be forced to install the new Facebook Messenger, which is a standalone chat app, for sending private messages. Up till now you can do this through your normal Facebook app. Why is Facebook doing that? According to the official version from Facebook:

We wanted to let you know that messages are moving out of the Facebook app to our Messenger app, a free app that’s faster and more reliable for everyday messaging. Messenger also includes: new ways to send photos and videos, voice calls, stickers, group conversations and more.

Soon, we’ll start guiding you to get started with Messenger. After a few days, you’ll also see a reminder notice in the Facebook app, where you’d normally see your messages. At that point, we’ll ask you to install Messenger or go to the Facebook website to view and send messages. You’ll still see new message notifications in the Facebook app, and it’ll be easy to switch between Facebook and Messenger.

We appreciate your taking the time to install Messenger and know it will take a little while to adjust to using a second app. We look forward to sharing this fast, fun and reliable way of messaging with you.

One advantage could be that it might slim down the existing Facebook app that seems to be quite bulky (one of the primary reasons why I stopped using it). The reason could be that Facebook, seeing how the various messaging apps like WhatsApp are catching up and how very soon the real social media interaction will happen through mobile devices rather than PCs and laptops, Facebook wants to strengthen its presence on the mobile phones right now. Is it a good step? It will depend on the sort of experience people have using the app.

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