Facebook will be showing more updates from family and friends and less from business pages

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See more updates from family and friends on Facebook

Facebook is adjusting the algorithm of its News Feeds in such a manner that you will see more updates from family and friends and less from business pages. This Facebook update says that the social networking website was built on the idea of connecting people with their friends and family.

This actually makes sense. Why do you go to Facebook? It’s mostly to know about the latest happening in the lives of your family members and friends who don’t live nearby or with whom you don’t get much chance to interact in the real world. As the dominance of Facebook spread businesses and professional publications began to populate the timeline. It must be putting off many people. This might be one reason why Facebook is preferring updates from family and friends over updates from business pages and professional publications.

Another reason is, crowd intelligence is much better than machine intelligence, especially when it comes to social, sports-related, entertainment and political stories. It’s better to know the opinions of people you know and to an extent trust, rather than the businesses trying to promote their own content. Social validation is much better than direct advertising.

Also, Facebook would like to encourage serious publishers to use Instant Articles to promote content on Facebook rather than first publishing the articles and blog posts on their own websites and then putting the link on Facebook. This takes the traffic away from Facebook which the promoters wouldn’t like.

Although many businesses and publishers have experienced a decline in traffic (because one of such algorithm changes was implemented previously too) one can overcome this by encouraging users to promote the links rather than doing it directly. For example, if I want people to share my TechBakBak.com links, instead of publishing the links on my Facebook page (which I shouldn’t stop doing) I should also encourage people I know to share my links so that those who come across my TechBakBak.com links see them via their friends and family members rather than from my page, which is going to be more effective.

Businesses also have this tendency to over-use the presence they have. Many people might be using Facebook less because there is lots of business content on Facebook. Although Facebook might be helping businesses, in the long run, it’s not worth it.

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