Facebook is using artificial intelligence to prevent suicide

suicide prevention features incorporated into Facebook
suicide prevention features incorporated into Facebook

Data has shown that there are tell-tale signs when a person is about to commit suicide. Artificial intelligence can be used to gather language patterns and the sort of updates a person posts on social networking websites to make a good guess whether a person is suicidal. There have been some tragic instances of people even broadcasting their suicide live on Facebook.

According to this Facebook newsroom update, they have integrated the following features into the overall Facebook interface:

  • Integrated suicide prevention tools to help people in real time on Facebook Live.
  • Live chat support from crisis support organizations through Messenger.
  • Streamlined reporting for suicide, assisted by artificial intelligence

The AI component in Facebook scans the Facebook updates and associated comments and then compares them with updates and comments that in the past required intervention. Then these updates will be automatically forwarded to the community team for review.

What if it creates lots of confusion in case the AI mixes up messages? The AI will alert community members only in situations that are “very likely to be urgent”, according to Facebook’s official statement.

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