Facebook Reactions will allow you to react to posts rather than simply Liking

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Facebook launches Reactions, an alternative to Like

The new Facebook Reactions will allow you to properly react to Facebook posts.

Many oftens people “Like” a particular Facebook post not because they have liked it, but because they want to acknowledge that yes, they have absorbed the matter of the post whether it is positive or not. This way, even if someone has announced a relative’s death, many people end up “Liking” the update whereas they don’t mean to actually like it.

In the recent “Reactions” update you will be able to “Love”, “Wow”, “Sad”, “Angry” and “Haha” Facebook updates instead of simply having to “Like” it. The “Like” link will remain though.

The Reactions section has been in response to many people’s requests for a “Dislike” button in order to react to negative posts. The Reactions feature will gradually evolve and may be more reactions will be added later on. Some reactions could also be removed according to the sources; it depends on how Facebook users react to these Reactions.

The Wired video explains in detail the different Facebook Reactions you can use at the moment:

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