Facebook not allowing you to block ads? Adblock Plus can help you block ads on Facebook

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Blocking ads on Facebook

Recently there was news that Facebook wasn’t allowing ad blockers to block ads on its social networking website and mobile apps. Many websites and browsers are allowing users to block ads if they want to. In some browsers, ad blockers are activated even by default although companies like Google are trying to counter this move because advertising is their primary source of income. Advertising is also a primary source of income for Facebook and naturally the company doesn’t like it if there is an add-on or a feature that blocks ads on Facebook.

In a recent blog post Facebook announced that no matter what ad blockers you are using, you cannot block ads on Facebook. You can opt out of particular ad categories but beyond that there is nothing much you can do about blocking ads on Facebook. Somehow it has developed a technology that can bypass the inbuilt ad blockers in browsers so that you see advertisements on Facebook.

As it was bound to happen, one of the most widely used ad blocking add-ons Adblock Plus has come up with a solution that allows you to block ads on Facebook. There is a filtering section in Adblock Plus where you can add filters in order to block ads on various websites. This blog post mentions a snippet of code that you can manually add to your Adblock Plus filter to bypass the Facebook restriction and block ads on Facebook.

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