Facebook Messenger now has Instant Video

Facebook Messenger has instant video
Facebook Messenger has instant video

Video chatting has been there in Facebook Messenger for quite some time now but now the messaging app has also introduced Instant Video. With Instant Video you can quickly initiate a video conversation without having to start a video chat or a new video call.

So what’s the difference between the regular video call in Facebook Messenger and the new Instant Video feature?

As explained in this Facebook post on the latest Instant Video feature, video calling is still a one-off activity. You don’t reflexively initiate a video call. Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger would like to change that. Video calling should be as normal as regular calling or text chatting. Normally when people are using an instant messaging app like Facebook Messenger, they are exchanging text. Suddenly they want to exchange visual information.

For example, your husband is buying grocery and he cannot decide which apples to purchase because there are multiple cartons lying in the supermarket. If you want to help him, you normally tell him to click an image and send it to you. Now this can be done with Instant Video. While you are having a text conversation, your husband can immediately tap on the video icon at the top of the conversation and the video starts in a smaller window in the same timeline. You don’t have to terminate your current conversation in order to start video chatting with your husband.

With Internet connectivity improving in leaps and bounds, video is the next natural step and most of the companies are trying to embrace video as fast as possible, at least in the regions where Internet connectivity is not a problem. Instant Video is actually a good feature to have especially when you want to switch between text chatting and video chatting without interrupting your ongoing conversation.

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