Facebook may stop censoring objectionable content to some degree


Recently there was a controversy about Facebook removing a post from a journalist/writer who had posted a photograph of the famous Napalm girl as its algorithm detected a naked child in the photograph. The controversy had escalated to such an extent that in protest even the Norwegian Prime Minister (the journalist was from Norway) posted the photograph on her Facebook page and eventually Facebook had to apologise.

In the light of that incident and a few more, Facebook has decided to change its policy when it comes to censoring images and news links. According to this link, in the coming weeks Facebook will allow more images that are “newsworthy” significant, important to the public interest, even if they don’t adhere to their community standards.

This was bound to happen. Facebook no longer remains a familial social networking platform where people are just posting photographs of their pets and the kids doing cute stuff; very important news and controversial topics are also shared on Facebook and they shouldn’t be censored in the names of “community standards”. It is definitely a step in the right direction.

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