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For many years LinkedIn has been the ultimate destination when people want to post job listings or when people want to network in order to land business deals and job opportunities. Now Facebook is trying to turn into a viable LinkedIn alternative. It is going to allow its users to post job listings on the website, according to this Business Insider update.

In an interview, Facebook’s VP of ads, Andrew Bosworth said that Facebook-commissioned survey revealed that small business owners in the US and Canada face great problems while trying to find the right people to hire. Many people said that finding the right people to do the job was sometimes even more important to them than finding new customers and clients for their businesses.

Small businesses will be directly able to post job listings on their Facebook business pages and people will be able to respond directly on the Facebook business page. To make it easier for people to respond to job listings, many bits of the information will be automatically filled in because Facebook already has most of the information about its users in its database. Employees will be able to respond to Facebook Messenger.

What’s in it for Facebook? Business owners will be able to pay Facebook to boost the reach of their job listings for specific demographics. They will also be able to pay Facebook to make their listings prominent in people’s News Feed.

So, will businesses and professionals leave LinkedIn in droves? Not necessarily. Most of the professionals on LinkedIn will be hesitant about spending time on Facebook. Only those managing their business Facebook pages will be eager to use the new service. LinkedIn is an already established business networking platform and a good thing about LinkedIn is that people stick to business talk. Random ramblings about politics, culture, culinary habits, travel adventures and adorable cat videos don’t show up on LinkedIn.

Nonetheless Facebook is a huge market and it already has a well-established advertising network. For Facebook, it will be just another way of tapping into the massive user base it has. The new job listings feature will be available to business web pages so it won’t cause any hassle to the casual Facebook users.

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