Facebook is introducing 360-degree live video streaming now


360-degree videos are not as rare as the used to be a few years ago. Do a search on YouTube and you will find hundreds of 360-degree videos. The same goes for live streaming on Facebook – previous live video streams have been creating waves for some months now and one of the most famous live video streaming incidents on Facebook was a policeman in the US shooting an unarmed person. The victim’s girlfriend live-streamed the entire unfortunate incident.

After making live streaming mainstream on Facebook, now Facebook is introducing 360-degree live streaming.

Wondering what is 360-degree video? It requires special cameras; you cannot create 360-degree videos with your normal camera although, I’m not sure if some sort of technology is available that allows you to create 360-degree videos with your smartphone. Anyway, when people view the 360-degree video there are four arrows on the screen that allow you to turn your view up-down-left-right. You can also sometimes use the mouse cursor to drag the screen around. It’s like turning your head around and being able to look in whatever direction you feel like. Although it isn’t as real as your eyes but it’s a lot better than having just a single view. This is why special cameras are needed that can capture video that allows you to change your view in different directions.

Facebook is teaming with National Geographic to launch its 360-degree live video streaming service. National Geographic, through its Facebook page, will be broadcasting from the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah when a team of scientists will emerge from 80 days of isolation – this video will be available in the 360-degree format

The 360-degree video will also involve a question-answer session where the scientists who spent the time in isolation doing various researches about planet Mars.

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