Facebook Instant Articles will be available to all publishers beginning April 12th 2016

Facebook instant articles will be available for publishing to all
Facebook instant articles will be available for publishing to all

Instant Articles is a Facebook platform where major publishers (up till now) can provide exclusive content especially tailored according to Facebook’s mobile interface. In order to understand what is Instant Articles, you can watch this video:

Content published through Instant Articles is supposed to load extremely fast and this matters a lot when you’re accessing articles and blog posts using your mobile device. These articles and blog posts are optimized for mobile experience.

The article published through Instant Articles load within the Facebook feed rather than people having to click the link and then go to the website to read the rest of the article. If the article contains a video, the video begins to play automatically.

First a review of the article is displayed and when you want to read the complete article, you simply have to tap it and then you can read it without going to the website or the blog where the article has been published. This is because the article has been published in Instant Articles itself rather than separately on a website or a blog.

Instant Articles requires publications to create exclusive, dedicated content for the publishing platform. Articles and blog posts are especially written for Instant Articles and publications like the New York Times, National Geographic, Buzz Feed, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan and Washington Post are already publishing their tailored content on Instant Articles

What’s the benefit of publishing content on Instant Articles?

With more than 1 billion people using Facebook it can be a big exposure for publications who are constantly competing with each other for eyeballs. But it’s not just exposure. These publications can also make money by embedding ads into their Instant Articles articles and blog posts. They can also partner with Facebook on a revenue-sharing basis and Facebook embeds advertisements for the publishers. So for many publishers it’s been a win-win situation.

Can anybody publish on Instant Articles? For example, can TechBakBak.com blog posts appear on Instant Articles? Not right now. Only certain publications are allowed to publish their content on Instant Articles. This is soon going to change.

Facebook Instant Articles is going to be available to all publishers

From Apple 12, 2016 onwards, Instant Articles is going to be available to all publishers, according to this latest blog post from Facebook. They have also published guidelines on how to use a proper format for publishing your content on Instant Articles.

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