Facebook has introduced Live Audio for voice-only broadcasts


A few months ago Facebook introduced Facebook Live – a feature that allows you to live stream your video; like live broadcasting. Recently Facebook also launched Live 360; 360-degree live video streaming.

Now Facebook has also introduced Live Audio that lets you broadcast your voice. So if you would like to broadcast a song or a commentary or a discussion or anything that should be broadcast without the video, you can use Live Audio on Facebook. It can be like live radio.

This can be a nice opportunity for authors and journalists to directly interact with their readers. The listeners will be able to ask questions during Live Audio broadcasts and people making the broadcast will be able to respond.

This Facebook update says that Live Audio broadcasts will also work in areas that lack strong network connectivity. In such areas, if video streaming is not possible, it would make sense to do audio streaming via Facebook Live Audio.

As it happens with any new feature, this service isn’t yet available to everybody. Right now Live Audio is being made available to prominent broadcasters and publishers such as BBC World Service, LBC and HarperCollins. To the rest of the public, the feature will be available early next year.

Android users will be able to listen to the voice-only broadcast even while working with other apps or even with a locked screen. iOS users on the other hand will be able to listen to the broadcast only when using the Facebook app.

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