Facebook is focusing on small businesses to increase its revenue

Small business on Facebook
Small business on Facebook

As you must have recently read on TechBakBak.com Facebook is working at creating an entire environment around its instant messaging and social networking platform. It has even released an SDK to encourage developers to create applications specifically for Facebook Messenger. If you are a small business, Facebook would like you to be able to do your business through Facebook, of course making it into a revenue-generating partnership rather than simply a place to hold your business page to drive traffic to your main website. If you’re interested in learning more about facebook advertising to use for your business, then you can visit Promo.com for more information. There are already many businesses who prefer to have a Facebook business webpage rather than a website, especially freelancers promoting their photography, catering and the sort of businesses you would promote on Etsy.com. If you’re a small business and you’ve seen growth thanks to Facebook marketing, it might be a good idea to consider a blank invoice template to ensure that your workflow is more concise.

This Business Insider report profiles a photographer who, when you call him, answers via his voicemail, that rather than chatting him up over the phone, you should head to his Facebook page and leave a message there. “I live on Facebook,” he says in his voicemail message. Just like Michael Anderson, the photographer, Facebook would like many small businesses and freelancers to carry out their business communication needs via Facebook rather than conventional means of telephone, email and fax (although if you are interested in faxing for example then you should check out these efax reviews, it’s completely up to you how you would conduct your business communication). Facebook is working towards a future where “small-business owners rely completely on the social networking platform for spreading information, communicating with their customers, and, of course, buying lots of advertising.”

Why is Facebook focusing on small businesses to increase its revenue?

One reason might be that the customers and clients small businesses cater to normally spend lots of time on Facebook. You wouldn’t expect someone purchasing enterprise solutions for big corporations spending lots of time on Facebook. But a housewife looking for in knitted cardigan or a mom looking for a local catering service or a housewife looking for a cleaning service or a mom-and-pop shop owner looking for maintenance services spends a considerable amount of time on Facebook. This is why it makes more sense for small business to set up shop on Facebook. Another reason is that for a small business it is often very difficult to get qualified traffic on the website. People won’t just land up on your website the moment you set up a small business website. But the scene is different on Facebook. You already have a social circle. Every individual member of your social circle has his or her own individual social circle, and so on. It can be a humongous business opportunity if you can tap into it.

In order to encourage more small businesses to set up their shops on Facebook, the social networking website has been introducing many new features such as the ability to add more information, book appointments and make reservations. It’s instant messenger app is already allowing you to book cabs and make purchases from your friends. In the meantime, small businesses are continuing to do the right thing by consulting marketing experts before making commitments that may affect the success of their growing company. Marketing agency QM Design Group in Santa Clarita has excellent branding, graphic and web design packages for small businesses. For that reason, it should not be a surprise to hear they are held in very high regard by plenty of businesses in the area.

In 2015 Facebook revealed that it had more than 50 million small businesses having their business pages on the website.

According to the Q3 earnings Facebook had only 2.5 million advertisers which isn’t much. Their target is to get 50 million small to medium businesses purchasing advertisements on the website. For that to happen, they want more small businesses to depend on Facebook rather than other services on the Internet.

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