Facebook has decided to close down Parse, its cloud computing platform

Facebook is shutting down its cloud computing platform Parse
Facebook is shutting down its cloud computing platform Parse

Parse was supposed to be for Facebook what Amazon Web Services is for Amazon and Microsoft Azure is for Microsoft. It was intended to help developers and programmers build and grow mobile apps for the Facebook platform as well as build enterprise-level solutions for big businesses. Close to the heels of declaring that Facebook Messenger is deemed to become an ecosystem of apps and activities, it’s quite surprising that Facebook is closing down its Web services development platform, according to this latest Parse blog post. Facebook purchased Parse for around $ 85 million back in 2013.

At that time Facebook was feeling jittery. The IPO hadn’t been as great as it had been expected. Advertising on Facebook wasn’t making a mark and consequently Facebook was looking at other venues to spark growth, including Parse, that was intended to develop into a full-fledged cloud computing platform for the social networking website.

Why is Facebook closing down Parse?

It’s a competitive field after all. Biggest tech companies have already made a strong presence in the field of providing cloud computing platforms. As mentioned above, Amazon Web Services is already there. Many enterprises are managing their applications using Microsoft Azure. Even Salesforce has a successful Heroku. Google has Google Computing Engine. Cloud computing web services like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have been so long in the field and have gained so much traction that they are continuously adding new features and bringing down their prices, while maintaining their profits.

Microsoft’s success is further demonstrated by the number of businesses using their services for various purposes, including storage. Many still take examinations in order to demonstrate their knowledge concerning different aspects of Microsoft to ensure they can work with certain systems of IT. Fortunately, there are resources online to help people pass these exams, including these az103 practice questions for Microsoft Azure.

For Facebook it would have been to start something that big from scratch. After all it is a social networking company and not a technology solutions provider. It doesn’t have much experience in selling services. For Facebook, it isn’t as if there was great need for social networking and then Facebook provided a solution. It’s the opposite. Social networking happened because of Facebook. So even they were caught by surprise.

Successfully providing a cloud computing platform for enterprises is totally another game. There is already a demand. There are already benchmarks. Bigger, more established companies are already doing great. Getting new business for the Parse cloud development platform would have been an uphill task because people wouldn’t move their entire enterprise-level applications suddenly to a new cloud environment unless there was an overwhelming reason.

What about people who are already using Parse? For that a database migration tool is being released that will help you migrate your data from your Parse app to any MongoDB database. You have up till January 28, 2017 to move your applications and data from the Parse cloud computing platform.

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