Facebook activated “Safety Check” for Paris attacks but not for the Beirut attacks

Facebook safety check tool after Paris attacks

In the wake of the dastardly terrorist attacks in Paris Facebook has enabled a “Safety Check” tool that allows people to notify their friends and loved ones that they are fine. This was the link where the “Safety Check” tool was activated.

Up till now such a tool was activated during disasters all over the world. During the recent Nepal earthquakes, many people used this tool to let their friends and loved ones know that they were safe. After the Paris attacks, more than 4.1 million people are known to have used the “Safety Check” Facebook tool.

But Paris isn’t the only city that has borne the scourge of terrorism recently. Just a day before the Paris attacks, the city of Beirut in Lebanon was hit by suicide bombers killing at least 43 people, according to the Lebanese health Ministry.

People in the Middle East feel that terrorist attacks in these countries do not get the sort of international attention that is given to the western countries. Recently after the Paris attacks, candlelight vigils have been organised in major cities and all the international landmarks like the Sydney Opera House were coloured in the colours of the Parisian flag. There is worldwide condemnation and solidarity for the Paris attacks. Unfortunately, according to this post by a Lebanese doctor named Elie Fares, the international community doesn’t care much about routine destruction taking place in the Middle East. The doctor asked why a “Safety Check” Facebook tool hadn’t been activated when the bombings happen in Beirut when they had been activated just after a day when Paris was hit.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg replied in a post stating that the activation of the tool specifically after the Paris attacks was not intentional and Facebook treats every human tragedy equally no matter where it is happening. He said that the only reason why the “Safety Check” tool was activated after Paris attacks was because they changed their policy only recently. Up till now the tool was activated only during natural disasters but now it will also be available during major terrorist attacks.

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