Eyeglasses that protect your eyes from sleep-disturbing blue light


Gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops emit a blue light that disrupts your sleeping pattern. It disturbs your circadian cycle. This blue light is necessary for the information to show up on your smartphone screen during the day because the same light appears in sunlight and unless the blue light coming from your smartphone is brighter than the blue light coming from the sun rays, you won’t be able to see the information on your smartphone or tablet. Over thousands of years our body has learned that if you are being exposed to this blue light, it means you need to stay awake. In the absence of this blue light, that is, after the sunset, your body gets the message that you need to sleep.

But these days, we are using smartphones and tablets even after dark so our eyes are constantly being exposed to this blue light that tells our body to stay awake.

Now there are eyeglasses that can protect your eyes from the blue light that disturbs your sleeping pattern. The special kind of lens called Eyezen is available on EyeBuyDirect. These eyeglasses filter blue-violet light while allowing the beneficial blue-turquoise light to pass through. The blue-turquoise resets our biological clock.

The Eyezen lenses deflect the sleep-disturbing blue light. There is a minuscule blue sheen or coating that makes this happen. Despite the coating, there is no tint and the lens is in no way altering your perception of what you are seeing through the glasses, just like these lunette ecran bleu can boast too, look around for your ideal pair.

Although the blue light present in the natural sunlight isn’t very harmful, the blue light present in your smartphone or tablet does more harm than merely disturbing your sleeping pattern. It can also weaken your muscles behind your eyeballs, raising health concerns. Even younger individuals, due to excessive exposure to the blue light coming from the smartphones and tablets, can develop problems that people normally face during old age.

Many companies like Apple are instituting blue light filtering technologies within their devices. Such technology is available in both iPad and iPhone. The blue light is automatically dimmed in the evening.

But for all other smartphones and tablets in which this technology hasn’t yet been introduced, the eyeglasses that filter out the blue light can be a great asset.


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