Ex-jailbreakers are joining Apple to make iOS devices securer for users and enterprises


Outside of Apple who would know the iOS architecture better than the jailbreakers who are spending their days and nights going through individual lines of code and making it easier for people to change the code behavior of the devices? Recognising their potential, Apple is joining forces with a few ex-jailbreakers to make the iOS systems more secure and safe for users as well as enterprises.

Two Apple ex-jailbreakers Will Strafach, known as “Chronic” in the jailbreaking arena and Joshua Hill, known as “P0sixninja” are leading a team of jailbreakers at Apple. According to this link, they are working on a new comprehensive platform to secure iOS devices for both enterprises and consumers. The new platform is known as “Apollo”.

Unlike other operating system environments, the iOS system is quite restrictive in terms of allowing people to use the Apple devices the way they want. Up till iOS 9.0 the users couldn’t even change their keyboards, a basic functionality that has been there in Android for many years. Jailbreakers allow iPhone and iPad users to incorporate new features, themes and applications.

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