Evolution of the iPhone since 2007

Latest iPhone 6 plus image

It’s hard to believe that the iPhone used to be so small when it was launched. Nobody would buy such a small phone if it were to be launched in 2014 when people are so used to bigger screens and bigger instruments. When companies like Samsung launched bigger phones, what some call phablets, many iPhone users made fun of the size. In fact you will find visuals on the Internet showing people using their laptops as their mobile phones. The latest large iPhone 6 Plus proves that there is a compelling market for bigger smartphones after all, although there is a smaller version of the iPhone 6 phone available that gives you the screen size of 4.7 inches in case you are not a very big fan of bigger phones.

This Mashable blog post chronicles the abolition of the iPhone from a tiny, 3.5 inch device back in 2007 to the latest phablet version of 5.5 inches. Below is the hands-on video of the latest iPhone 6.

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