EverythingMe Android launcher no longer available

EverythingMe Android Launcher no longer available

Although you can still use the EverythingMe Android launcher on your mobile device, it is not going to be available on the Google Play Store for long according to this blog update. It says

The launcher was a great success. 15 million people from around the world installed and used EverythingMe in the past two years – smartphones were actually smarter and we had the pleasure of seeing our vision come to life and get your love. Some of our core features started appearing in other launchers and operating systems that started offering strong in-phone search and automagically organized smart folders™ as part of its built-in offering.

A great product is sometimes not enough

EverythingMe’s revenue model assumptions were based on contextual discovery – you get app and content recommendations that are relevant for you at the right time and place. The #’s we’ve shown were breaking all industry benchmarks, but growing in emerging markets meant we couldn’t convert this value-added discovery to significant income for the company to keep pursuing its vision and build its product.

As is the problem with many digital products on the Internet, a product needs to be really indispensable in order to be able to sell. You cannot earn money promoting other products and services all the time or through advertising revenue. You need to have a solid product. Sometimes, a product might be great, for example the EverythingMe Android launcher, it is not great enough to encourage people, or at least enough people, to pay for it. Besides, free, and much better alternatives are always just around the corner.

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