Everyone can create Twitter Moments now: Storify within Twitter


Twitter Moments for a very long time was a feature that was only available to organisations and reputed content creators. Now everybody can create Twitter Moments. Wondering what are moments in Twitter? You might have come across another Twitter -related service called Storify. Suppose lots of people are tweeting about a particular event or a hot topic.

Normally it is difficult to find all the interesting threads taking place about that particular event or a particular hot topic. So someone would go to Storify and create a Twitter story. You could include all the tweets that you find relevant and interesting regarding that particular event or hot topic and then the streets will be arranged in a logical sequence, particularly, representing the complete story. The same is with Twitter Moments. The only difference is, now you don’t have to go to Storify in order to compile all the tweets centred around a topic. You can do it within Twitter using the Twitter Moments feature.

Everyone can create Twitter Moments. Still cannot create your own Moments? Don’t worry, the feature is gradually rolling out and in many areas it is not available. Beside, right now Twitter Moments are available only on the desktop version of Twitter, so if you want to create Twitter Moments from your mobile phone, you may have to wait for some time.

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