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Evernote right now is the best notetaking app and even its free plan is more than enough for most of us. Still, those who want more facilities can upgrade to its premium plans. I used its premium plan for a couple of years but then my focus shifted and I no longer required the premium plan, that is, all that I wanted to do with Evernote, I was able to do in its free plan.

In latest changes, Evernote has scaled down the things that can be done with the free plan. They have explained this, on this latest blog post. Right now you can use Evernote on every device you have got with your free plan. When the new pricing and feature-availability changes become effective, you will only be able to use two devices under your free plan. If you are using more than two devices you have got some time to adjust to the new limit – you will get a message from Evernote through your device to inform you about the scaling down of your free plan.

What if you want to use more than two devices? Then you can switch to the premium version of Evernote which is actually not much. Evernote Plus costs $ 3.99 per month. Under this account you can install Evernote on an unlimited number of devices. Whereas in your free plan you can upload 60 MB of data every month, in Evernote Plus you can upload 1 GB of data every month.

Again, for most of the users a free Evernote plan is enough and at the most you have to switch to Evernote Plus which, again, isn’t much. For higher, business needs for example, they have Evernote Premium which costs $7.99 per month. In this account you can do all sorts of things like use annotations, sync MS Office docs, collaborate with your colleagues and such. You can also upload 10 GB of data every month.

I don’t know how much it is going to benefit people at Evernote but it’s a good product and people shouldn’t mind paying for it, if they need to.

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