The Evernote CEO is rebuilding the top management team

Evernote rebuilding top management team
Evernote rebuilding top management team

According to a recent Evernote blog post, the CEO Chris O’Neill is in the process of rebuilding the top Evernote management team, including the main leaders. 7 new people from Google, Skype, HP, Logitech, Microsoft, Motorola and VMware have been included in the team. This Re/Code post explains exactly who has been hired to do what.

Irrespective of how many people join the top leadership team and where they have previously worked, the primary focus is naturally going to be garnering new paid users for the notetaking app. According to the blog post, in just China there are 16 million Evernote users. The overall Evernote user base is 150 million. But how many of them are paid users?

Recently I downgraded my Evernote account from premium to free and when the interface asked me why I was doing so, my reply was that I wasn’t using Evernote the way I had thought I would use it. I remember I upgraded to the premium account with great enthusiasm. Why did a downgrade despite it being a highly useful service?

Primarily because all the features that I need are available in the free version of Evernote. If I had to pay for these features, I would, really. It’s a useful service when it comes to organizing information. I have been using Evernote since, I don’t even remember, when. I am using MS Office 365 and it has OneNote and despite the fact that all the advanced features of OneNote are available for free (and recently Microsoft introduced a tool that allows you to import all your Evernote data into OneNote) and Evernote content can be easily imported into OneNote I am sticking with Evernote. Again, if I had to pay for the features I’m using Evernote for, I would gladly pay (considering the cost justifies my usage).

So, like me, there must be millions of users using Evernote without upgrading to the premium version simply because all they want to do, they can do in the free version.

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