Even the replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are catching fire


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones seem to be cursed. They started catching fire since their batteries were exploding and Samsung issued a worldwide recall. Even when the smartphones were being recalled, many of them exploded and started fires in many countries. They were even banned on various airlines. In many cases they replaced the original Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones with the ones that were supposedly not catching fire. Where they were not able to replace, they sent out an operating system update that doesn’t allow Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users to charge their smartphones beyond 60% because something seems to happen when people try to charge the faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones beyond 60%. Even Indian superstar Amitabh Bachchan recently tweeted his annoyance about not being able to charge his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone beyond 60%. Samsung has lost billions of dollars ever since this model of smartphones started setting fired spontaneously.

The trouble isn’t just ending even for the replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones because even the new ones are catching fire. Recently a major accident was averted when there was a fire inside an aeroplane due to a replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Now the reports are coming that the replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are catching fire on multiple occasions.

It’s almost surrealistic, as explained in this Android Authority update. A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started burning in Nicholasvillel, Kentucky, on its own, even when it was not being charged or used. The smartphone was simply lying in the room and the user suddenly noticed lots of smoke inside the room. When he rushed in, he found the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in flames. The smoke due to the burning Samsung Galaxy Note 7 triggered a bronchitis attack and the owner needed to be admitted in a hospital.

Things are getting murkier while new details of how Samsung is handling the crisis are emerging. For example, when the company asked this owner to hand over the phone, the owner refused because it’s evidence. Then after that, the victim, Michael Klering, mistakenly received a text message from one of the Samsung representatives saying,

Just now got this. I can try and slow him down if we think it will matter, or we just let him do what he keeps threatening to do and see if it does it

As reported in this Verge link, a 13-year-old girl narrowly escaped from receiving severe burns when she started feeling a strange burning sensation while holding her Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

Considering that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones as well as their replacements are still catching fire, people should refrain from using the smartphones and especially giving them to their kids. They should wait until the current problem with the battery is solved for good.

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