Even common commuters are talking about the bending iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus still bending
iPhone 6 Plus still bending

According to this Mashable reporter, when he was travelling in a commuter train he heard two fellow passengers talking about how the new iPhone 6 Plus bends when put in pocket. It’s no longer a techie thing. The video that was posted on the YouTube channel Unboxing Therapy, at the time of writing this is being viewed by more than 13 million people and hashtags like #BendGate and #BendGhazi are among the top discussion trends on Twitter. The video and the associated story has been picked by almost every news outlet and its tech section.

To be fair, the way Lewis Hilsenteger is applying so much force on the phone, any phone will bend or even break. This is a delicate gadget after all, not a dumbbell to help you grow your muscles or some fist exercise instrument. Try the same technique with one of the Samsung phones and it will probably break instead of bending.

Here is a video that suggests that maybe a case can help:

But the person demonstrating how the phone doesn’t bend when put inside his tight jeans pocket isn’t actually twisting the phone. The way he is sitting, the phone is just being pressed against the body. It would bend if the iPhone was half inside the pocket and half outside, pressing against the abdomen, then the bending is likely to happen, not while pressing against the thigh which is anyway straight.

Oh yes, I was waiting for this since yesterday: Can iPhone 6 Plus Users Bend It like Beckham?

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