Even a replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire in an aeroplane


Troubles don’t seem to be ending for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Even a replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone caught fire in a Boeing 737 aeroplane and almost caused a major accident. The plane needed to be evacuated and the flight between Louisville and Baltimore, USA, was cancelled.

It’s been known for a long time that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have a tendency to explode spontaneously and cause fire and Samsung Electronics has been recalling this model from all over the world for a couple of months now. The cause for concern is, this time the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone that caused fire in an aeroplane was a replaced smartphone. This means the problem is still there. Now it seems, first new phones will be recalled and now they may have to recall the replaced phones. Federal regulators have started an investigation without any formal complaint.


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