There is emoji of a woman wearing hijab


Whether you consider hijab a symbol of gender oppression or a symbol of inclusion depends on which side of ideological debate you sit on, but while it is being debated, a new set of emojis has been released and now there is an emoji of a woman wearing hijab, according to this Engadget report.

Hijab is a headscarf worn by Muslim women in Muslim countries as well as Muslim communities living in non-Muslim countries. There have been heated debates going on in various societies whether hijab should be considered as just a choice of clothing or it is a symbol of women’s oppression. Recently an Indian shooter refused to go to Iran in order to participate in an international sporting event because she didn’t want to wear a hijab, which is mandatory for all women while being in Iran. The entire chess tournament was cancelled, again, in Iran, because women chess champions all over the world refused to wear a hijab in order to participate.

The company called Unicode that creates most of the emojis that we use in our smartphones and computers, in order to make emojis more diverse and inclusive, has included more than 50 emojis including a bearded man, a breastfeeding woman and a woman wearing a hijab.

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