E-book reading, 3D, virtual reality and tab management coming to Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge Tab review new features
Microsoft Edge Tab review new features

Also, virtual reality and 3D. With the upcoming Windows 10 Creatives Update Microsoft is introducing new features to the Microsoft Edge browser to draw more users. Most of the browser market is controlled by Google Chrome and Firefox and to an extent the Safari browser in Apple products. Microsoft is trying to change that now that a greater number of activities are happening through the browser.

According to this Windows blog update, one of the major things Microsoft is adding to the Microsoft Edge browser is efficient tab management. When you seriously start using a browser, you tend to work on multiple tabs. Soon it becomes very distracting to manage all those tabs. You forget what webpage you have loaded in a particular tab.

In the newer version of the Microsoft Edge browser, you will be able to hover your cursor and see the preview. Right now you can see a thumbnail but after the update, you will be able to see the complete preview of the webpage you have loaded on that particular tab.

You will also be able to create tab groups to organize them better. Before proceeding, here is a video explaining various new features being introduced in Microsoft Edge:

E-book reading coming to the Microsoft Edge browser

Every app store these days has an e-book reader. There is Google Play Books for Android users (although practically every major e-book reading app is available on Android). Apple has iBooks. Amazon has Kindle.

Instead of introducing a dedicated e-book reading app for the Windows operating system, Microsoft will enable you to read e-books through the Microsoft Edge browser. You will be able to purchase your e-books from the Windows Store and then read them in Microsoft Edge. All the usual e-book reading app features such as using custom font sizes, changing layout and themes and navigation, will be available in the Microsoft Edge e-book reading feature. The e-book reading feature in Microsoft Edge will be useful to students, entrepreneurs, content creators and educators.

Microsoft Edge and 3D and virtual reality

Microsoft is already making big strides in VR technology. Microsoft Edge already has support for WebVR, that is, websites offering virtual reality features can be used in Microsoft Edge. These features will be improved in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators update.

The new updates are intended to draw more and more Internet users to the Microsoft Edge browser. The browser still seems clunky and in terms of add-ons and stability, it is nowhere near Google Chrome and Firefox. Still, it seems far better than Internet Explorer, a notorious browser of the yore.

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