Duplicate Files Fixer: Remove Duplicate Files Effortlessly

Duplicate file finder or remover apps are useful tools to declutter and organize your storage space on your device. These useful tools can help you speed up your device’s speed and performance effortlessly. There are a lot of these useful apps available in the market, one such app is Duplicate Files Fixer which is offered by Systweak Software. Let’s discuss some of its unique features.

Select scanning mode: As a first step you can choose any specific folder i.e. audio, videos, pictures, or document for scanning the duplicate files on your device or you can opt full scan option. It also scans your external drive in case of full scan for duplicate files on it.

Scan the folder/s: It takes the time to scan files according to the volume any folder contains or in the case of full scan it may take longer. Though the process is swift and easy, although if you’re scanning documents, it’s not as easy as using a document scanning service!

Duplicate files results: After scanning the device or folder for duplicate files it displays results in auto-mark format, where it leaves first file of every folder as a primary data stored in the device. You can alternatively choose the second file as primary data for your device by selecting “Mark All except Last”. You can “Unmark All” files to choose them manually to delete. You can take backup of files using “Backup Now” option or can simply remove the duplicate files by pressing “Delete Now” option.

Unmark Shortest File Location: This option is available in duplicate files results to feature. You can use this feature to delete duplicate files exist at the longer path of your device. This way you can retain original files at the shortest path of your device to extract them instantly. Notably, it will delete only selected files to exist at the longer path of your device.

Settings: You can find few features in the Settings of the app.

Ignore list: Using this feature you can add or remove certain folders or apps to the list to exclude them from the scanning process. This way the data in the said folder will not be scanned by the app.

Scan filters: You can set certain scanning filters like same name, same size, same content to find duplicate files. You can also include 0-byte files and hidden files and folders for the scanning process.

Language: This app offers to function in multiple languages. You can select the language of your choice to work on this app.

Themes: It offers a beautiful user interface with Classic and Material themes to select from.

You can use this app to remove all duplicate files from your device effortlessly. It helps you recover some precious storage space on your device. This app supports various platforms like Android, Windows, and Mac. This amazing app is offered by Software firm Systweak Software which is empowering users around the world with its useful apps and software. The company is developing and distributing various software and apps based on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms for last 18 glorious years. It is providing extensive services in parts of Europe, Asia and large user-base in North America.

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  1. Thank you for posting your link here Marcel. If you want, you can write a small review of your app and I will include it – all credit will be given to you – on the blog. Let me know.

  2. Hello Good day, I use a software called Duplicate Files Deleter, it’s very easy to use and after it finds the duplicate files it lets you chose what you want to do with them (copy/delete/move). You can even check network files and you can check multiple paths in the same scan. This helps me a lot. I hope you too.

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