Dropped your phone in water? Redux can dry a wet phone in an hour


Many smartphone companies are coming with waterproof phones – you can actually keep your phone under 6 feet of water for more than an hour, take it out and use it as if nothing has happened. iPhone 7 is known to be waterproof. If I’m not wrong even Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is also waterproof despite its exploding batteries. Yesterday you read about a Google Pixel smartphone case that makes you Google Pixel waterproof.

Still, there are millions of smartphones out there that are not waterproof. If your smartphone is not waterproof and if you drop it in water or spill water on it, there is little chance you’re going to be able to use it again. Yes, sometimes your smartphone may start working after it has completely dried up from the inside, but it may take many days, even weeks, for your phone to dry completely. But in most of the cases, the phone is permanently damaged if you accidentally drop it in water.

Today while going through my news app, I came across a device called Redux that can completely dry your phone within an hour. When your phone gets wet, you place it in this box. Here is the video showing the Redux case that can dry up a phone in an hour:

Here is another video in which some employees of the company throw large amounts of beer and wine on their phones and then put their phones in the Redux wet phone drier.

The Redux case claims to completely eliminate moisture trapped inside your phone. Once you have put your wet phone inside the Redux wet phone dryer, the device reduces the air pressure and creates a vacuum. Reducing the air pressure significantly brings down water’s boiling point. That is, instead of boiling at 100°C, the water begins to boil at a much lower temperature. Boiling water means it evaporates. When the water begins to boil at much lower temperature, the Redux wet phone dryer begins to vaporize the moisture inside your phone at a faster rate without harming your phone with excessive heat. Within an hour it makes your phone dry.

Right now the Redux wet phone drier service seems to be available just in the United States but it can be a good business opportunity if you can purchase a drier case and become a professional wet phone drying business.

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