Dropbox has launched something like Google Docs


Dropbox has launched something like Google Docs but right now it isn’t very clear what it is going to be used for.  If you see this video…

…it talks about collaboration, or people able to leave comments (where?) and creating and sharing documents and other creative works. The new service, that initially looks like Google Docs, is called Paper, Dropbox Paper.

The official webpage of the Paper app says that you will be able to create, view and organise  all your creative work using the Paper interface. But that’s something you can already do using Dropbox or any other cloud storage and syncing service.  I guess the main difference is, that all the tools needed for creating and editing files are present within Paper rather than you using Dropbox just to store and sync files.  Just the way it happens with Google Docs. Google Docs is an integral part of the overall G Suit.

Frankly, you cannot make out what  is Dropbox Paper unless you login to your account or sign up (you can sign up for free). Once you log in and click the “Get started” link, you are presented with the following choices:

dropbox paper choices of documents

I clicked on the “Create new doc” and it gave me a Medium -like editing interface. Right now they are more interested in presenting this app as a toy – prompting you to highlight the text and play around with the pop-up menu. It’s quite minimalistic. You can only create simple documents. Maybe you should be able to insert images and videos but right now you don’t seem to be able to use custom fonts and this problem is also there  in the Medium editor.

Guessing by the templates, it doesn’t seem like a Google Docs alternative. It looks more like a project management tool, may be on the lines of  Slack. It’s a collaboration tool, or online editing software, whatever it is, it’s quite minimalistic – oh yes, I’ve said it before.

Dropbox used to be my favourite cloud storage service but they are very inflexible when it comes to pricing, especially when other cloud storage services like Google Drive and OneDrive are giving better packages. You can use OneDrive as a free service if you subscribe to Office365 – all the Office suite applications are available along with 1 TB of storage space and in one  Home account you can have 5 family members and every family member not just gets to use all the office apps but also gets his or her own 1 TB of storage space. In this way, for as low as approximately $10 (the same that you pay Dropbox for 1 TB of storage space) you get 5 TB of storage space and all the Office suite apps.

Despite this, there interface is quite good and they integrate quite well with other services.




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