How to download Netflix TV shows and movies to your phone to watch them off-line


Can you actually download Netflix TV shows and movies to your mobile phone so that you can watch them off-line? Netflix after all is a streaming service, this means, you stream its content from the Internet in real-time. Downloading apps and software that you can access without wifi is something we all want to get our hands on. Software downloads at fileproton and websites alike give you the choice of many apps to download, from video content, to games, to music making. For a long time, there was no way you could download Netflix TV shows and movies to your phone so that you could watch them later on even when you didn’t have an Internet connection. Now you can.

But, does this mean you can download its content the way you were able to download programs from torrent websites until just a few months ago?

Not necessarily.

There are many streaming services on the Internet that allow you to download their content so that you can watch it off-line – for example YouTube allows you to download its videos on your mobile phone to watch off-line – but it doesn’t mean you will actually be downloading AVI files or MP4 files.

Why would you download Netflix movies and TV shows on to your mobile phone?

Especially when all your programs are available just a couple of taps away?

Despite the fact that connectivity is available almost everywhere, using your mobile data can be a costly affair, especially when you are watching some HD movie or one of your favourite TV series that can take up lots of mobile data bandwidth. Hence, you would like to watch them off-line, if possible.

Suppose you’re going on a journey and for a long time you’re going to spend your time travelling in a train or a ship where connectivity may not be as good as your Wi-Fi connection or even your 4G. Or maybe you’re camping and mobile data connection won’t be available there but still before going to bed, just for the sake of comfort, you would like to watch your favourite episode. Even if you are able to use your 4G connection, you wouldn’t want to spend so much money at a remote location.

Besides, you have easy access to Wi-Fi at home. So what do you do? How can you watch your favourite programs when off-line? Before going, you can download your favourite Netflix movies and TV shows on to your mobile phone using your Wi-Fi connection so that you can enjoy even when there is no Wi-Fi connection or even when you don’t want to spend lots of money using your mobile bandwidth.

Would you be able to watch the Netflix movies and TV shows on any app?

No. This doesn’t happen with YouTube. This doesn’t happen with almost every streaming media service that allows you to download its content. What you watch on Netflix, stays in Netflix. Downloading its content doesn’t mean it gets turned into the usual AVI or MP4 file. The movies and TV shows that you download on your mobile phone remains within the Netflix app. Yes, you will be able to watch everything, but you will have to use the Netflix app. You can’t copy these movies and TV shows onto your PC or another tablet and watch them as individual media files.

How do you download Netflix movies and TV shows so that you can watch them off-line? Can you download every title?

Although the facility to download movies and TV shows is available on iOS and Android, you cannot download every movie and TV show. If you want to know which movies and TV shows you can download, simply search for the title and look for the download icon.


Don’t want to search and want to check out straight away which all titles are available for download? The main Netflix menu has this option. Just go to the main Netflix Menu and check out the section “Available for download”. It will show you all the movies and TV shows that you can download so that you can watch them when you are off-line.

The facility to download movies and TV shows on your mobile phone may not be yet available in your region so you will have to check that. But sooner or later it will be available.

Netflix for iOS and Android allow you to download content on internal memory as well as microSD card.

This is the official Netflix link that explains how you can download if you want.

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