Dos and don’ts of selling an old phone

Dos and don'ts of selling your old mobile phone

Thinking of selling your old phone? Maybe you want to consider doing something like cloning instead, as apparently it is quite easy, or clonarla es realmente sencillo, as they say in Spain. There are certain dos and don’ts that you need to follow before you hand your phone over to another person if you respect your privacy and security. Phones no longer remain phones. You can store practically everything these days on your phone and even if you don’t store information on your phone, since most of our phones are connected to our email and cloud hosting accounts, if another person gets access to your accounts, he or she can access all your private information within a couple of clicks. The dos and don’ts that you follow before selling your old phone will keep you safe and prevent the other person from accessing confidential data from your phone whether it is stored on your phone or in the cloud.

Dos and don’ts of selling your old phone don’t just include keeping your data secure, it also means being able to successfully sell your phone at the right price. Suppose you want to upgrade to a newer version or another model. You need money. You have some money but you don’t have the whole amount. You can get some more amount by selling your old phone to a person who is fine with using an old phone that he or she can get at the best price. So both of you need to agree on the price and the features available in your old phone.

The dos and don’ts of selling an old phone

  • Create a list of the specs of your phone: This will give a complete picture to your prospective buyer. What’s the screen size? For how long does the battery last? What sort of Wi-Fi connection and data connection are supported by your phone? Does it have a QWERTY keyboard or touch screen? What sort of operating system your phone has? There can be scores of things to include in your list.
  • Make a list of the wear and tear your phone has gone through: Does the screen have scratches? Have you refurbished the phone to its maximum potential? Is the operating system slow and buggy? How is the sound? How well does it click photographs and takes videos?
  • What accessories are you providing: Do you have accessories with your phone such as a screen guard, a back cover, earplugs, microSD card or Bluetooth earphone?
  • Make sure that you have reset the phone to factory defaults: In most of the cases this should remove your confidential information from your phone and reset it to factory defaults (the way the phone came to you). Every mobile phone interface these days allows you to format the microSD card. If you’re giving the microSD card along with the phone, make sure to format it.
  • Manually delete information: You may like to delete your contacts list. If there are folders in the main drive where you could have stored some information, you will either need to delete the folders or empty them. If you have been using digital wallet you may like to delink all your credit cards from it.
  • Remove all the accounts that you have set up on the old phone: You may have set up your Gmail, Dropbox, iCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a slew of such accounts. Although when you reset your phone to the factory defaults all these accounts should be gone, but sometimes due to the settings you might have made previously, these accounts get restored when you restore your phone. So just to make sure, manually go through the list of the accounts that you have set up and then remove them.
  • Decide the price that you’re going to charge for your old phone: Obviously you cannot get the same price for which you bought your phone yourself. If the phone is a couple of years old, the same phone should be available brand-new at half the price. So you may have to slash the price by 50-60%. If you don’t want to randomly reduce the price, do some research on the Internet and check out how much people are ready to pay for the model you are intending to sell.
  • Use an online service to sell your phone: Primarily there are two benefits of selling your old phone using an online service like eBay or OLX; you will be able to accept payment using their payment gateway and you will avoid the risk of having to meet a stranger somewhere unsafe.

These dos and don’ts of selling an old phone will help you keep your confidential details safe as well as allow you to sell your old phone at the right price as soon as possible.

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