Don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10? Now Microsoft won’t force you

You can decide not to upgrade to Windows 10

Many Windows users have been complaining that they have been forced into upgrading their systems to Windows 10 despite the fact that they were quite comfortable with their Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems.

The new Windows 10 update prompt makes it easier for Windows 7 and Windows 8 customers to schedule or decline the offer.

Normally when a new program starts you can simply click the red cross that appears at the top right corner of the window. Contrary to the usual practice, whenever people got the Windows 10 update prompt in Window and when they clicked the red cross, it would automatically commence the Windows 10 upgrade. This is where many were upgraded to Windows 10 even when they had chosen not to.

Now when you click the red cross, it simply closes the window and it doesn’t proceed with the upgrade. That was a huge nuisance.

After the latest changes, you can upgrade now, choose a future time when you would like to upgrade, or simply decline the upgrade altogether.

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  1. Microsoft obviously cannot be trusted after the stunt of scheduling an upgrade when people click the x to close the window. If you truly do not want your Win 7 system not to be compromised, it may be necessary to turn off all updates.

    Unfortunately, that is a security risk. Who wants to spend hours trying to figure out what spyware they put in which update? I don’t. So I turned them all off.

    But, I need to reinstall Win 7 on a new hard drive and will have to figure out which updates I need to install. Maybe I’ll try running it without any updates and then only add fixes if I need them. What a drain on our time and trust they are.

  2. Hello Gail.

    Thanks for dropping by. Although I don’t remember what was my experience with Windows 7 I have observed that Windows 10 isn’t as bad. I don’t mean to say that people should be forced to upgrade, but if your hardware configuration allows it, I don’t think there is any problem in upgrading. Initially there were some bugs in Windows 10 but they have been sorted out.

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