Don’t know how to sell more on Amazon? Selling Coach can help you

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Selling Coach is a mobile app from Amazon that helps you keep stock of your inventory and track selling opportunities as and when they manifest. It doesn’t just help you keep your current inventory up-to-date, it also comes up with suggestions for adding more items in you inventory in case your customers are showing interest in those items but right now you don’t have them. Another online tool that you may want to make use of is Salehoo, which allows you to find out how much profit you can gain from your online dealings. If this service interests you, you’ll be glad to know that somebody has decided to Review Salehoo so that you can get a better idea of whether the service is right for you or not.

Online retail websites don’t just need millions of buyers, they also need people who will sell their products on these websites. For example, websites like Amazon and Flipkart cannot possibly create an inventory of practically millions and millions of products even if they try to do that. They have to collaborate with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. Even shopkeepers for that matter. Although Amazon stocks most of its merchandise, 45% of its products come from other merchants.

But not everybody knows how to sell online. Selling is more than listing your product on the retail website with enticing descriptions and images, especially when different merchants are competing with you and in many cases, on the same website. Information is crucial. In the normal world you have a staff that takes care of your inventory, your pricing, your marketing and responding to customer queries. Some merchants, despite having a good product, don’t even know that such aspects of doing business exist, especially who have never run an actual shop and are straight away trying to set up a business through e-commerce websites.

This is the link that gives you a full description of Selling Coach.

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