Get Domino’s Pizza discounts for upgrading your Android OS on Samsung devices


It seems Samsung really wants you to upgrade your Android OS on your mobile phone and as an incentive, it may also give you discounts on Domino’s Pizza. According to this 9t05Google link, right now this offer is only available in India, but considering how important it is to upgrade your Android OS, the electronics company may extend this offer to other countries too.

Recently Google started naming and shaming mobile phone companies that are not very prompt with upgrading their Android OS systems. The Samsung offer to give Domino’s Pizza discounts to its mobile phone users also indicates that when it comes to upgrading the mobile phone OS, it’s not just the mobile phone manufacturers who are responsible for the upgrades, even the users are responsible.

How do people know that Samsung is offering Domino’s Pizza discounts for upgrading the Android OS?

According to the above 9to5Google link, one Galaxy J7 user in India reported that when he updated his Android OS, he found a Domino’s Pizza coupon in his My Galaxy app. The offer seems to be tied to one’s phone number.

Google on its part is trying to make sure that people have the latest update of the Android operating system. In Android N Google has inbuilt the process of updating Android. There is a backup partition and the latest Android version is downloaded automatically onto that backup partition and the next time you reboot your phone, the latest Android version is installed. But how many times do you reboot your mobile phone?

Until you upgrade to Android N, you can enjoy your Domino’s Pizza coupon for upgrading your Android operating system.

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