Why doesn’t WinRAR’s 40-day trial ever run out

WinRAR 40-day trial never runs out
WinRAR 40-day trial never runs out

Have you been using WinRAR for many years? In case you haven’t been, it’s a file compression utility that people use to compress multiple files into a single file. If you haven’t used WinRAR then you must have used either Zip or 7Zip.

The benefit of using WinRAR is that it can open practically any compressed file provided it is not password protected. You can even open .ISO files.

If you have actively used WinRAR you must have noticed that initially when you install it, it says that it’s a 40-day trial and after that you may have to purchase the software. Even when you don’t purchase it and you go on using it beyond the 40-day free style, although it shows the warning that using the software beyond the 40-day free trial isn’t okay, it doesn’t stop you from actually using the software. Why? Why doesn’t the WinRAR 40-day trial never run out?

This video explains it:

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