Does the Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone screen break when you drop it?


Apparently, it does and quite badly. One of the biggest problems faced by smartphone owners is that the screens break or get destroyed or at least develop cracks when they drop their smartphones accidentally, purposely, or in a fit of rage. Smartphone companies have been putting in lots of money in research and development in order to come up with unbreakable yet efficient smartphone screens but right now, in most of the smartphones, the best option for you is, purchasing a screen guard. I have always had a screen guard on the main screen of my smartphone and once I dropped it, only the screen guard broke.

This 9to5Google update reports someone dropping his Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone and completely destroying the “edge-to-edge” screen, with almost zero bezel. So if you want to know if the Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone screen breaks when you drop it, then yes, it does. As you may know, the Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone is one of the best-looking smartphones in the market.


As you can see in the above image, the Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone has been completely destroyed after the fall. Not just the screen broke, even the display stopped completely. Even the ceramic frame came out. The worst part is, according to the report, the phone slipped out of the user’s hand.

This can be a big problem for smartphones like Xiaomi Mi Mix. These phones are so slick. Besides, if everywhere there is screen, how do you hold the phone. I recently tweeted about this:

Edge-to-edge screens may look good in photographs but in terms of usability, they can be a disaster, unless the technology is developed that allows people to hold screens without triggering actions and apps. Even if you use a case, the entire purpose of getting such a smartphone is defeated. For example, if you use a case with the Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone, it won’t look as slick as it looks without the case.

Since the Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone screen breaks very badly when you drop it, you either need to use the case that comes with the smartphone, or be very careful with it.

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