50% doctors are addicted to playing mobile games at work

Doctors playing games on mobile phones

Well, that’s a big number. Just imagine a patient arrives having just had a heart attack and the doctor is busy playing a videogame on his/her mobile phone. The research from YouGov in partnership with the makers of the app Listen recently conducted a survey of more than 1200 professionals and discovered that a big number among them spend lots of time checking social networking messages and playing games at work time.

68% of Americans, according to this report, were found to be checking their social networking messages and playing games on their mobile phones several times every day.

Although it has been known for quite some time that people are spending lots of time exchanging messages on their mobile phones even when at workplace, a surprise discovery was that doctors spend lots of time playing video games on their mobile phones. In fact 43% doctors admitted that they played video games on their mobile phones when they are on the clock. This is quite dangerous. Doctors need to be very focused and constant exposure to mobile phone screen is known to cause distraction, confusion and restlessness. Immediately extracting oneself from an absorbing mobile phone video game in order to perform an emergency operation can be a recipe for disaster.

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