Do you think teenagers spend lots of time glued onto their screens? Parents are also not far behind


The problem of too much screen time isn’t just prevalent among kids and teenagers; even their parents spend lots of time using their gadgets, PCs and laptops. In fact, according to this report, many of the parents included in the study spend as much time using their smartphones and computers as their kids. Many children complained that since their parents spend so much time glued onto their screens, it’s only justified that they should also be allowed to do the same.

Although it’s not an excuse, many parents these days need to work through their PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, whereas, kids are mostly spending time on social networking apps and video streaming websites. Or chatting with each other. So, for parents, it is a matter of livelihood.

The problem with modern day gadgets is that everything possible can be done with them. You can have unending entertainment and you can have unending work. Even if you are glued onto your screen in order to work, your kids may think that it’s your disposition that matters and not exactly what you are doing with your phone or with your PC. For them, you get to spend lots of time working on your computer or mobile phone whereas they are constantly being nagged not to do the same.

For the study mentioned above, 1700 parents of children aged between 8 and 18 were surveyed. Questions were asked regarding how much time they spend glued onto the screens themselves and how much time their kids spend on their mobile phones and computers. The highlights of the findings were:

  1. Most of the parents constantly use smartphones, tablets and laptops for work and therefore it is difficult for them to explain to the kids that they should cut down on their usage.
  2. 78% parents believe they are good role models for their kids about how to use gadgets.
  3. 43% parents are worried about their children spending too much time on social media websites and other online activities. One-third of the surveyed parents are concerned that technology is stopping the kids from having sufficient sleep.
  4. Two-thirds of the parents admitted that they are aware of the problem and they have started monitoring media usage of their teens and kids.

The positive outcome of the survey is that even those parents who themselves spend lots of time using their PCs, laptops and other gadgets, are totally aware of the problem and, directly and indirectly, are taking steps to keep their kids away from their gadgets as much as possible. Here is a small video about the report:

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