Do you know how many toddlers are using mobile devices daily?

More toddlers and kids using smartphones and tablets

8 in 10, according to a study covered in this NBC News report, toddlers these days use some or the other mobile device daily. Most of the babies start using mobile phones and tablets before they are even one-year-old and by the age of three, they are using the devices on their own without any help from their parents and guardians, according to the report in the journal Paediatrics.

The toddlers mostly use mobile phones and tablets as TV although many parents encourage their kids to play games to keep them busy while they are taking care of other chores. The troubling picture is that most of the children – almost 96.6% – using mobile devices to distract themselves come from low-income and minority groups. They start using the mobile phones and tablets before the age of 1.

According to the study, 70% parents give mobile devices to their toddlers while doing chores, 65% give them to keep them calm and 29% give them during bedtime.

The parents who give their toddlers mobile phones and tablets during bedtime perhaps are not aware that using such devices during bedtime can disturb sleeping patterns of children.

The team at the Philadelphia clinic surveyed parents of 250 children brought to clinic in the months of October and November, 2014.

Media streaming applications such as YouTube and Netflix are favourites among the kids and mostly they watch fast-moving animations and cartoons.

There is no need to accuse modern-day parents. They need to keep the children busy. The previous generations used TV to keep the kids engaged. These days they have mobile phones and tablets. What’s needed is, a healthier way of keeping the kids occupied and entertained.

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