Do you know how many messages Indians sent on WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve? 14 billion


Yup, this is how Indians use WhatsApp. Just on the New Year’s Eve, Indians exchanged 14 billion messages on WhatsApp. And precisely how many Indians sent these 14 billion WhatsApp messages? Approximately 160 million Indians.

A total of 3.5 billion images, 700 million GIF files and 610 million videos were sent this New Year’s Eve via WhatsApp, according to this Huffington Post update.

Earlier, 8 billion WhatsApp messages were exchanged in Diwali recently.

“WhatsApp continues to be an essential part of our lives. Whether it is celebrating festivals and occasions with friends and family staying connected, WhatsApp is an integral mode of communication for people to connect, transcending miles and distances. WhatsApp has continued to be convenient, fast, reliable and simple to use for everyone, everywhere,” the company said, while releasing the data.

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