Why didn’t Disney buy Twitter?


Are you wondering why Disney didn’t buy Twitter especially when it was one of the biggest contenders who were planning to buy Twitter if nothing then just because of Jack Dorsey’s association with Disney?  A big reason why Disney didn’t buy Twitter is because the number of trolls Twitter has.

Big tech companies like Google, Verizone, Microsoft, Disney and Salesforce were being touted as a prospective buyers but so far none of them has purchased the social networking platform. They all have their own reasons but according to this update, a big reason why Disney didn’t buy Twitter is because the website is replete with trolls.  The Engadget  link claims that Disney was actually very close to buying Twitter and had even hired two investment banks to evaluate potential deals but then just in the nick of time backed out because of prevalent abuse and abundant trolling.  The problem of trolling on Twitter could have impacted Disney’s brand negatively.  Disney has a family-friendly image and blatant abuse on Twitter wouldn’t have gone well with its core audience.

The problem of trolling on Twitter has been troubling many: whether you are a celebrity or a relatively unknown person. Trolls come in swarms and swamp you with all sorts of abuse the moment you say something contrary to  the prevailing view. Since it’s an interactive social networking platform Twitter should have solved this problem on a priority basis but so far the company hasn’t been able to figure out how to control trolling  and now, this problem might be costing lots of new members and consequently, money to Twitter. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that whenever Twitter tries to curb crawling it ends up suspending accounts of normal people just expressing a contrarian view rather than targeting actual, abusive trolls.


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