Dell is introducing a convertible laptop with XPS 13 Convertible

XPS 13 convertible laptop from Dell
XPS 13 convertible laptop from Dell

While the jury is still out on whether laptops are better or tablets, various electronics companies are already manufacturing and supplying convertible laptops that can be used as conventional computers as well as trendy tablets.

Actually, it’s quite simple. All you have to do is, give a touchscreen and design the screen panel in such a manner that one can rotate it to 360-degrees and there you have got yourself a tablet that was just a few seconds ago, a laptop: a convertible laptop. If the entire thing is quite light and slim to look at and feel, it’s icing on the cake.

This is what Dell has tried to accomplish in its latest convertible laptop called XPS 13 Convertible, which is reviewed in this Ars Technica update.

Here is a video review of the latest XPS 13 Convertible laptop from the same link above:

The XPS series of Dell laptops already have their own dedicated following.

Although all the details are presented in the link, one thing peculiar to look at this laptop is that its keys are not flat. It means when the screen is rotated 360-degrees, it doesn’t rotate completely and there is always a gap between the body at the back and the screen.

On the other hand, look at this video of Lenovo Yoga Book:

As you can see, the keyboard in Lenovo Yoga Book is almost as if it has been drawn. The keyboard is flat. The XPS 13 Convertible laptop from Dell has the conventional, 3-dimensional keyboard that wouldn’t allow the screen to rotate completely. My friend was telling me that with his XPS 13 Convertible laptop he got some Custom Charging Cords to make his setup a bit more personalised.

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