So have you deleted your lifetime collection of photos and music in order to download iOS 8?

Deleting data for iOS 8
Deleting data for iOS 8

The latest iOS 8 from Apple requires you to have more than 5.7 GB of free space on your iPhone or iPad. On the iPad it is still easier to have so much space left but on iPhones people are finding it extremely difficult to accommodate the heavy download. Some people have had to delete thousands of photographs as you can see in the collection of Tweets on this Mashable blog post. My favorite is:

But this another blog post on the same website says that you don’t necessarily require 5.7 GB of space in order to download iOS 8. The space crunch problem crops up if you try to update the operating system straight from your iPhone or iPad connection. All it actually requires is 1.2 GB once the operating system is installed. You don’t need to delete any of your data if you can sync your device with your PC or the Mac computer. After the cyncing is completed you can upgrade to iOS 8 through your iTunes account.

In fact this Gizmodo blog post lists various workarounds.

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