How to declutter your Android phone screens


Your Android phone screens may appear quite cluttered if you have installed many apps and games. Sometimes even the stock apps that come with the factory-installed Android operating system take up lots of space on your phone screen even when you never use these apps.

Of course you can create multiple screens but why create multiple screens for the apps you are never going to use, or are rarely going to use?

Besides, when you go to the apps section of your phone, you may have to sift through zillions of apps before you can find the app you’re looking for.

There is a quick way you can declutter your Android phone screens – you can hide and unhide app icons.

How to hide and unhide app icons in Android

  1. From your Home screen, tap on the Apps icon – it’s normally that 3×3 dots of square at the centre of the five main icons you have at the bottom
  2. Go to Settings – those vertical three dots
  3. Here you find the option Hide/unhide apps

You can use this option to hide and unhide your Android apps icons and this way you can declutter your Android screen.

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