Cute Google Duo promotional videos depicting various household objects talking to each other


Recently Google launched its FaceTime rival Google Duo. People have been using FaceTime for many years now and there are many video chatting apps even in the Android ecosystem, but nothing was as minimalistic and instantaneous as Google Duo. In fact, this is the purpose of the Google Duo video chatting app that practically anybody can initiate a chat at any time, with just a single click.

The recent promotional videos of Google Duo have these cute household objects talking to each other using Google Duo. For example, in the video below, salt and pepper are talking to each other. Pepper is asking salt when she is going to be back and salt seems to be very busy:

In another the video, bottles of peanut butter and jello are having a cute conversation with each other and arguing about who is going to end the video call first:

And here is a video in which a toothbrush and toothpaste tube are talking about the toothpaste tube losing weight.

As mentioned above, although Apple’s FaceTime has been here for a long time, on Android phones, Google Duo is a new entry. I don’t think Google Duo is competing with Apple’s FaceTime because people using Android smartphones anyway don’t use FaceTime. So the only competition Google Duo faces is from other video chatting services like Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts.

The basic premise of these cute videos depicting household objects talking to each other is to show that practically everyone, everyone can use Google Duo for video chatting.

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