Could a search engine like Google be biased against Donald Trump?

open letter about Donald Trump by technology leaders

The US presidential candidate Donald Trump has accused searching engine Google of being biased against him. He has accused that Google is purposely suppressing links to news that don’t show his competitor Hillary Clinton in good light. This isn’t the first time the Republican nominee has been targeted by technology companies. Just a few months ago some Facebook employees were found to be suppressing news about the Republican Party – the editorial team was purposely suppressing news about Donald Trump.

Could it really be happening? Could Google be purposely manipulating search results to meet particular political ends? It wouldn’t be surprising if it does. There were lots of nasty links about the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it was just recently when Google agreed to take action against those links. So yes, it wouldn’t be surprising if tech companies like Facebook and Google are purposely trying to have an impact on the electoral results during the upcoming US election.


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