Is Cortana Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google now?

Cortana Microsoft

If you’re using a decent smart phone from Apple (the iPhone) or an android piece (something like Samsung Galaxy) you might have used voice-controlled services like Siri and Google now.

Here is a video of someone using Siri:


Here is a video of someone using Google Now:


So now you have a basic idea of what Siri and Google now do. They basically allow you to use your smart phone using conversational voice commands.

Now, let’s see a guy asking some really cheesy questions to Cortana, getting some equally funny replies:


Can Cortana give Siri and Google now a run for their money? It depends on whether people solely purchase smart phones for these features or for other features. For example, would you purchase an iPhone just for Siri or a Microsoft phone just for Cortana? Again, it also depends on your ability to use a phone. For instance, for a person with physical disabilities it would be great if the phone could be entirely used by voice commands? What if the person cannot speak properly? How efficiently the voice command software processes voice data will become extremely important in that case.

Here is a video of comparing all the three voice command applications, although it might be a bit biased because it comes from the Windows Phone Central YouTube channel:


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