Computers may be as smart as humans in just 12 years


A few weeks ago you read on this blog that singularity might be just 30 years away. “Singularity” is a stage in computers and artificial intelligence when they will either become as smart as humans or surpass them. Singularity is the stage when they will no longer require humans to make them or improve them. Computers and robots will be able to manufacture themselves and also make themselves more intelligent without human input.

If 30 years seemed like a long time, you may be alarmed to note that computers may get as smart as humans in just 12 years, according to Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director of Engineering. In the above link, the SoftBank CEO Masayoshi had predicted recently that it may take 30 years for computers and AI to reach this stage of singularity.

What happens when singularity is reached? Many believe that since it’s humans who are developing computers, many of the traits that are carried by humans will decide how computers and artificial intelligence machines behave and conduct themselves. Knowing humans, this doesn’t sound very reassuring.

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