How to completely remove yourself from the Internet


Why would you want that? Why would you like to completely remove yourself from the Internet? Maybe you want to take Sanyas from the World Wide Web. Maybe you think it has gone too far and your every activity is being monitored and you would like to take your existence back to the good old days when nobody knew what you are up to. Maybe you want to run away from the left-wing cacophony and trolling.

Whatever might be the reason, if you want to take yourself completely off the Internet, remove your trails and remove all the information that exists online pertaining to you, you should be able to do that.

This PCMag article lays down the detailed steps you can follow to remove yourself from the Internet but when it comes to leaving it on the companies, you can never be sure. Still, at your end, you can take certain actions to delete your account from online services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Netflix and everywhere else.

When you want to completely remove yourself from the Internet it doesn’t just mean stop paying for a service (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video) so that the service closes up your account because even when they close up your account, it’s not guaranteed that they are going to delete your information from their servers. Netflix says that it will maintain your account and watching history for nine months even when you close your account with them.

Your information may remain in their servers for ever especially when space is no constraint these days. For example, if you stop paying for Netflix they may not allow you to watch movies and TV programs but it doesn’t mean they are going to completely delete your account even if they say so.

There are some websites, the above link says, that are legally bound to keep your information intact for perpetuity, for whatever reasons.

Websites like and rank the websites or color-code them according to ease of removing yourself from them. The PC mag article above has created different sections to illustrate how you can either manually delete your information from various web services or use some software. They have also given some numbers that you can call in case the online interface doesn’t allow you to remove yourself completely.

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